Owner:  Aaron R. Johnson, D.B.A. Victorian Danes

Victorian Danes

With the help of many publications of veterinarian medical, Great Dane history, and breeder books, we have learned a lot as well as owning the breed. We have learned from our families also, that many breeders don't want to spend more than five minutes talking to them. Just, Wham, Bam, thank you for the money. Or, they really don't know a lot about the breed.  On the other hand, we have talked with many that are wonderful people and have exchanged ideas and tips.

We also have had families or potential families that have sent payments in full plus transportation fees to these other breeders and never got anything but an answering machine in return. We know, we've been burned by a couple of Top Breeder's in the past ourselves.

We breed top quality puppies year round.  We require new families to fill out the questionnaire which you can find in the Contact Page on our website, so we can make sure the right pup will be a part of your family.  Please take a moment to read our contract.

Parents and puppies are part of our family.  The pups are born and raised in our home, not in cages, pens or kennels.

Fell free to call us at any time to inquire about an adult Great Dane (which we occasionally help to relocate), purchase of a puppy, or just to chat about a pet you care about and love.

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The Johnson Family


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